"More than anything, they helped me scale! I'm consistently making money on my ad spend."




"My goal for the year was $300k in profit, and it's only April so I should blow way past that! 70% profit margins bro!! This has changed my life!"


"My latest campaign has been running for 10 days, and has already made me $2,970 in profit. It's all because of your software!!"


"These are the best results I've had in 8+ years of doing digital advertising! Every day I'm blown away by your software!"


"Ad Arbitrage™ has provided me with 10X the value already!"


"This is LEGIT!! I couldn't be more blessed and thankful to be a part of this mentorship!"
bryan m.


"This mentorship has completely changed my life!"
Taigen H.


"This partnership will save you YEARS of trial and error!"

The 6 Core Components Of The Ad Arbitrage™ Mentorship:

Personalized Mentorship With Super Affiliate Coaches

You get personalized mentorship and day-to-day hand-holding with our team of expert coaches. The primary way you will be working with us is via Zoom for daily face-to-face video communication. The team is online Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm CST to answer your questions and give you invaluable insight into the industry.

Proprietary Software That Makes The Business Run (the secret sauce)

Included with enrollment is over $700,000 worth of proprietary software we've developed for our own affiliate team, to make the process run more efficiently for you. This is the exact software suite our team uses on a daily basis to average $250k+ in monthly profit. Each piece of software is stable, bug free, easy to use, and comes with extensive video training. We don’t talk specifics about the software at this stage, because they are, quite literally, our “secret sauce” in the industry, and we don’t sell them anywhere in the marketplace, which gives you a massive advantage over your affiliate competition.

Winning Affiliate Products Ready To Promote

We have partnered with several of the top affiliate networks in the industry, that have dozens of high converting products ready to promote today. These networks are VERY picky about who they work with, and will require you to prove yourself a mature affiliate with screenshots of past earnings and ad spend...But NOT when you're a part of AA™! Since we have ran literally millions of dollars in affiliate commissions through them, our students enjoy auto-approval into these premium networks.

Foundational Video Training That Provides The Strategy

Hours of pre-recorded video training that lays the foundation of the business, dives into all of the nitty gritty details, and provides the exact strategy we’ll be implementing during our time together.

Our "Responsive Rolodex" Of Underground Traffic Sources

The EXACT underground traffic sources our team has spent over $30 MILLION with (nothing to do with Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, or any mainstream platform). These are literally the only traffic sources you will need, and frankly, worth 30X the price of the mentorship. Our team has not had a need to look anywhere else for traffic, as these audiences are enormous. You will never have to worry about saturation, audience fatigue, or competition.

8 Virtual Assistants Ready To Build Out Your Marketing Materials

The latest addition to AA™ is a full VA team of 8 techy experts available to help build, test and scale your campaigns. Need ads created? Task it to the team! Need landing pages created? Task it to the team! Need help understanding the numbers once traffic fires up? Task it to the team! We have experts in graphic design, web page building, media buying, and copywriting. Anything you need created can (and should) be outsourced to the team to ensure profitability as quickly as possible!

Meet The Master, Adam Chase

With over 20 years of industry experience, there's really no on more suited to mentor you in the ways of affiliate marketing than Adam. He has built multiple businesses within the affiliate space from the ground up, took a supplement company from startup to $12MM/yr in 18 months, and has spent over $30MM of his own money on affiliate ads.

Answer These 7 Quick Questions To See If You Qualify For Our Elite Affiliate Mentorship

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about their AA™ experience:



"This mentorship has truly changed my life!"


"This partnership will save you YEARS of trial and error."


"My knowledge of affiliate marketing increased 10-fold! I couldn't speak more highly of Adam and Ad Arbitrage™."


You’ve already read our book, attended our webinar, or completed our challenge if you are seeing this page, and you have already had the opportunity to ask questions about the program.

Therefore, you should NOT invest in this program if you think you might want to refund it.

Once you have received the information, you cannot give it back or “unsee” it. You will have received access to our valuable intellectual property and materials and therefore THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR THIS PROGRAM WHATSOEVER.

All sales are final. If you think you might want a refund, just do not invest in this program.

We are only interested in people who are honestly committed to consuming and using these materials and, unfortunately, we have had those in the past who invested in the program and, after receiving all the information, tried to refund. We do not support this unethical behavior.



Ad Arbitrage™ is a marketing education and training company. We do not sell a business opportunity, “get rich quick” program or money-making system. We believe, with education, individuals can be better prepared to make investment decisions, but we do not guarantee success in our training. We do not make earnings claims, efforts claims, or claims that our training will make you any money. All material is intellectual property and protected by copyright. Any duplication, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited. Please see our Full Disclosure for important details.

Investing of any kind carries risk and it is possible to lose some or all of your money. The training provided is general in nature, and some strategies may not be appropriate for all individuals or all situations. We make no representation regarding the likelihood or probability that any actual or hypothetical investment will achieve a particular outcome or perform in any predictable manner.

Statements and depictions are the opinions, findings, or experiences of individuals who generally have purAdamd education and training. Results vary, are not typical, and rely on individual effort, time, and skill, as well as unknown conditions and other factors. We do not measure earnings or financial performance. Instead, we track completed transactions and satisfaction of services by voluntary surveys. Results show that most Advanced Training clients who apply the training. Further, many customers do not continue with the program, do not apply what they learn, or do attempt to apply what they learn but nonetheless have difficulty in making sales successful for them.

The Company may link to content or refer to content and/or services created by or provided by third parties that are not affiliated with the Company. The Company is not responsible for such content and does not endorse or approve it. The Company may provide services by or refer you to third-party businesses. Some of these businesses have common interest and ownership with the Company.

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